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Back copies of most editions of these Journals are still available. Up to 2003: £5.00 for members and £7.50 for non-members. From 2005 onwards: £10 for members and £15 for non-members. With volumes 11-20 a free copy of one volume of the Index, uniform with the Journals, will be supplied free of charge with any order over £10; both volumes for orders over £25. Otherwise the index is £1.00 for members and £1.50 for non- members. Back copies of the Newsletters are also available at £1.00 each for members and £1.50 for non-members. Postage is charged extra.
Special Offer for a Limited Period: Volumes 1 - 5 of the Journal (note Volume 1 consists of 2 parts) will be available for a reduced cost of £15 (add £2.00 for p & p) until April 2008 to new members.
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Mrs Sue Kelland,
Rose Cottage,
BA16 9SF


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Does anyone have a spare copy of Vol 8 (1993) as a member is trying to find a copy of this out of print volume. If so, please let me know with full details (condition, price etc) at:

Newsletter Binders
In order to help members keep backcopies of the Newsletter in good order, the Society has for sale a supply of high-quality, custom made A5 'Cordex' binders. These have covers in a shade of blue to match the current covers of Church Monuments and have 'Church Monuments Society Newsletter' in gilt on the spine. Each binder holds 20 issues so that a set of 3 will hold all Newsletters produced to date with room for a further 6 years issues. The cost is £6.50 per binder including UK postage and package.

Order with cheques made payable to 'The Church Monuments Society, should be sent to:
Miss Sally Badham
Dawn Cottage
Purrants Lane
Oxfordshire OX29 9PN

Overseas members who would like to buy binders should contact Miss Badham first to check on postal rates, specifying whether they require air or surface mail.

Books on Military Effigies of England and Wales
Mark Downing, Military Effigies of England & Wales: Volume 1, Bedfordshire-Derbyshire, (Monumental Books, Shrewsbury), 149pp, black/white illustrations, ISBN 978-0-9537065-1-8, soft cover, £20 + £4 P&P.


This is the first in a series of eight volumes recording medieval military effigies (excluding brasses and incised slabs), which together aim to cover the counties of England. Wales has far fewer effigies therefore it will be included as a whole in the eighth volume. Scotland and Ireland will not be addressed at this stage, but may be the subject of further studies later. It is anticipated that the entire series will be published over a period of 5 years beginning in 2010.

The second, third, fourth and fifth volumes covering, respectively,  Devon to Essex, Gloucestershire to Lancashire, Leicestershire to Norfolk and Northamptonshire to Shropshire are now all available at the same price.


Copies are available from Mark Downing, 9 Kestrel Drive, Sundorne Grove, Shrewsbury, SY1 4TT,

Two Books on Medieval Church Monuments
Sally Badham, Medieval Church and Churchyard Monuments (Shire) 64 pp, many colour illustrations ISBN 978-0-74780-810-7, £6.99
Sally Badham with Martin Stutchfield, Monumental Brasses (Shire) 64pp, many colour illustrations ISBN 978-0-7478-0677-6, £5.99
These two books present a complete introduction to the subject of medieval church monuments, a much needed gap being filled at last. The authors are well known experts in their field and present an excellent overview of this fascinating subject. These book are particularly fine because of the splendid colour illustrations.
New Book on Monuments

A new book on church monuments has been produced by Cameron Newham, a photographer of the highest order. Full details of the book and order form can be accessed by following this link:
There are eighty one photographs of effigies from the 13th to 20th centuries, all photographed from above. This is primarily a book of photographs, the text being kept to the minimum, and all the plates are in colour and of full page size.
 Many of the views of these effigies will never have been seen before, except those in the works of artists such as Charles Stothard, who initially made pencil drawings of them from above, or of photographers such as Fred Crossley, who would have erected a scaffold in order to take the photographs.  However Cameron uses the latest in photographic technology in order to produce these superb results.

A second volume is now available.
New Book on Armour
Armour of the English Knight 1400-14500

A new book on armour is now available written by Dr Tobias Capwell FSA, who is curator of armour at the Wallace Collection. This brings together documents and illustrations about the armour worn in the time of Henry V, during the later period of the Hundred Years' War
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New Book on the Geology of Gravestone  
For details of this book click here

Membership of Monumental Brass Society 

For full details of the MBS, including a membership form please click here.

Open Churches - Android App
A new Android App (called ‘Keyholder’) shows which Cof E churches are normally open to pop in and have a look around, and which are normally locked. It has been written by our member, C. B. Newham. It is available on the Play Store for £4.99 (there are two apps of this name - choose the one with the GB map as its icon). A limited trial version is also available.
To those who may have driven miles out of their way to make an unplanned visit to a church,  only to find it locked with no visible indication  of the keyholder,  this app should prove a very useful device.
Book Sales
Notice of the sale of a large quanitity of books on brasses, monuments and allied subjects; click here for further details.