The Ledgerstone Survey of England & Wales, whose object is to record the ledgerstones in all of the places of worship in Great Britain with the exception of Northern Ireland and Scotland, was established in 2002. In 2009 it formed an association with the Churches Conservation Trust (CCT) and the National Association of Fine and Decoratives Art Societies (NADFAS). A pilot recording scheme has been arranged, based on the thirty CCT churches in Norfolk and using the expertise of NADFAS Church Recorders.

The pilot began with the ledgerstones at Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen, which proved to be an important exercise connecting through the similarity of its lettering a late 18th century ledgerstone with its associated (though unsigned) mural monument, practically identical to a similar ensemble at nearby Beeston St Mary. Wiggenhall also gave up a mendieval mensa, with its consecration crosses, set into the floor as paving in the south chapel.

Of greater importance, though, has been the identification of a series of ledgerstones of the period 1680-1720 by an individual who needs to be known as the 'Master of the Wobbly W', who consistently cut his lower-case w's as 'iu'; ledgerstones by him have already been noted at the three King's Lynn churches of St Margaret, St Nicholas and All Saints, as well as at Wiggenhall St Mary the Virgin, Narborough and great Massingham, the latter being in the churchyard having been removed from the church during its 1863 restoration."
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