These links have been subdivided into separate sections. However please note that this is somewhat artificial and there will be some overlap, so perhaps it would be best to simply browse through this list. Please let me know of any of relevance that you find or if any of these sites have dissappeared. I have also included links to sites outside the scope of the Church Monuments Society but with some possible relevance, such as historical, archaelogical, ecclesiological and heritage sites and site dealing with cemeteries, war memorials.

Magazines, Journals & Other Publications
Although these are listed separately, the majority of societies produce journals and other publications of a very high standard
Antiquity This has been the main journal of archaeological research for 74 years. It is published quarterly.
BBC History Magazine A well balanced magazine dealing with history of all periods and all places although somewhat leaning towards UK history
History Today
The world's leading history magazine published monthly in London.
  Paper: Tomb of Sir Hugh Caverley   Five Medieval Effigies 
articles by Claude Blair, late Vice President, Church Monuments Society
Historic Churches
The Building Conservation website lists many organisations  concerned with old buildings, their conservation and repair. Click on the link for the magazine which should be of interest to CMS members and supporters.
The latest edition (20th) of Historic Churches has now been published and an on-line version may be accessed here. Furthermore articles from back issues of Historic Churches may be accessed here.
                             Societies and other Organisations
Ancient Monuments Society and Friends of Friendless Churches
The Ancient Monuments Society was founded in 1924 for the study and conservation of ancient and historic buildings and craftsmanship in GB. In association with The Friends of Friendless Churches, founded to save from demolition or ill use places of worship of architectural or historic interest
The Association for Gravestone Studies
The AGS is based in the United States but its aims and coverage are international. It was founded in 1997 for furthering the study and preservation of gravestones. They publish an annual academic journal, Markers, a quarterly magazine, AGS Quarterly and a monthly e-newsletter. They can be contacted at
The Churches Conservation Trust is a national body that cares for and preserves English churches of historic, architectural or archaeological importance which are no longer needed for regular worship. It promotes public enjoyment of these churches and encourages their use as an educational or community resource. The Trust's 330-plus churches are still consecrated and occasionally used for services. The Trust was set up in 1969 by the Parliament of the Church of England
The Chapels Society
Seeks to promote public interest in the architectural and historical importance of all non conformist places of worship and their associated structures.
Churches! Ecclesiological Society
Founded in 1878. For those who love churches there's everything about churches. A very fine site with many images and a wealth of interesting links.
English Heritage
The Government's lead body for the historic environment in England. 
Their Viewfinder website contains 30 000 photographs from the archives which include, among other things, churches and monuments. Try searching using the general theme 'commemorative' qualified by county or place name.
Historical Chapels Trust
The HTC takes into its care redundant chapels and other (non-Anglican) places of worship in England of outstanding architectural and historic interest.
The Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC) is the professional institute which represents conservation professionals in the public and private sectors in the United Kingdom and Ireland.   It has approximately 1360 members, divided between fifteen branches. The institute exists to establish the highest standards of conservation practice to support the effective protection and enhancement of the historic environment.
Mausolea & Monuments Trust is a charitable trust founded in 1997 for protection and preservation of mausolea and monuments in the United Kingdom. The Trust has recently launched an on-line gazetteer of mausolea, edited and partly compiled by founder-member of the Trust, Teresa Sladen.
Monumental Brass Society
The website for the Society for those interested in any aspect of monumental brasses and incised slabs of all dates in all countries. Includes an extensive bibliography, themed picture library, access to a topographical index to MBS publications and other research tools for those studying brasses and incised slabs.
National Churches Trust
National Federation of Cemetery Friends
Links various voluntary groups throughout the UK who work to conserve their local cemeteries and churchyards and develop them for environmental, educational and recreational purposes .
The National Trust
Founded in 1895 by three Victorian philanthropists who, being concerned about the impact of uncontrolled development, set up a trust for the nation for the acquisition and protection of our environment and heritage. The Trust is a registered charity and independent of government
North East War Memorial Project aims to record every war memorial between the Rivers Tweed and Tees
Public Monuments & Sculpture Association
For the promotion and preservation of public sculpture and monuments in the British Isles. 
Royal Commission for Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales
Has a national role in the management of the archaeological, built and maritime heritage of Wales as an organiser and supplier of authoritive information for individual, corporate and governmental decision makers, researchers and the general public; to this end it surveys, interprets and record the man-made environment of Wales, compiles and curates the National Monuments Records of Wales and promotes the understanding of this information by all
Saving Graves
A US organisation but with world wide concerns about endangered cemeteries. A vast amount of links.
Save Our Parsonages was set up in 1995 oppose the sale by the Church of England of its traditional rectories and vicarages, on pastoral, practical, financial grounds as well as for Church heritage reasons. This organisation provides support and advice to parishes and communities that seek to retain their historic parsonage
Society for Church Archaeology aims to promote the study of churches and other places of worship along with their associated monuments.
   War Memorial Trust
A charitable trust dedicated to ensuring war memorials are properly maintained and preserved.
Church Care
The Church of England's national resource supporting 16,000 parish churches and 42 cathedrals.
Historic Cemeteries Conservation Trust of New Zealand
A recently set up organisation for care of NZ cemeteries
Virtual Organisations 
These are societies, and other organisations, which exist only on the Internet; often (because of this) these are very fine web sites with many further links of interest. They may not deal specifically with church monuments but should contain much of interest related to this subject 
   ArtServe: Art & Architecture An extensive site, which will takes a good while to explore, on art and architecture in general but has monuments from all over Europe including England.
   Cambridgeshire Churches Website
Ben Colburn & Mark Ynys-Mons's county site dedicated to churches of Cambridgeshire
   Church Architecture Website
Phil Draper's ongoing celebration of church architecture of all periods. A wonderful site with many fine photographs and links.
   Church Mouse Website
The late Peter Fairweather was a long time member of the Society as well as being a nice guy; this is his site about his home town Lincoln, churches and monuments especially cast iron grave markers. 
   Digital Atlas of England
This site is much reduced now. Howere it still gives detailed maps and lists of which churches are open, which are locked but give the keyholder and which are locked but do not. A very useful link for church crawlers.
   Dutch Architectural Site
This site gives many useful links about architecture in general.
   Essex Church Website
John Whitworth's county site; however this is so arranged to give easy access to the photographs of church monuments.
   Find A Grave
A somewhat lighthearted database of  just everybody  who is buried just about everywhere. Nevertheless, there is a very effective search facility and the site includes photographs of the graves and other relevant information.
   Gothic Eye
This is a site of medieval images, including many tombs, effigies and brasses. Some of these are photographs, others reproductions from antiquarian draftsmen such as C A Stothard and T & G Hollis. This site and well worth a visit to see the reproductions and digital images may be ordered on line.
   Images of England funded by English Heritage and the Heritage Lottery Fund, is a groundbreaking initiative which aims to create 'point in time' photographs of English Listed Building. Church Monuments will be include
   Kent Churches Website
More county church sites are appearing: this one  - by John E Vigar - deals with churches of Kent. Although not specifically about monuments, there should be plenty of photographs worth seeing.
   Looking at Buildings and Pevsner Architectural Guides
These two sites are produced by the Pevsner Architectural Guides and the Buildings Heritage Trust. The first is a new venture about British architecture in general but will contain information on church monuments. The second is about the famous Pevsner architectural guides which will eventually cover the whole of the British Isles; they list (nearly) every church monument.
  Medieval Memoria Research in the Low Countries (MeMO)
The MeMO (Medieval Memoria Online) project at Utrecht University is a collaboration with Groningen University and the Free University Amsterdam. An illustrated database of Dutch medieval memorial paintings and sculptures is already available online, while a database of Dutch church monuments and ledgerstones from the twelfth to the late sixteenth century is currently being developed. To receive a copy of the online MMR newsletter, please contact:
 The MeMO (Medieval Memoria Online) database was officially launched on Thursday 31 January 2013. It contains a wealth of material on medieval (or pre-Reformation) memorial culture within the present-day Netherlands. The database incorporates both memorial texts and objects up to c.1580, including tomb monuments and slabs. There is an extensive introduction that explains the aims and objectives of the project and instructions on how to browse or search in the database. All entries are in English and contain descriptions, measurements, locations, inscriptions (with translations), biographical information on the persons commemorated, literature, and photos where available. It thus offers scholars internationally a wonderful new research tool that is freely available to all.      
 Some 800 tomb monuments and slabs across the country were professionally photographed especially for MeMO. Throughout these photographic sessions the ‘Tomb Team’ received tremendous cooperation from churches, staff and local volunteers. Their help was often vital in locating slabs, which were sometimes found in more unusual places, and not just inside churches.    
More time (and funding) is still needed to complete the mammoth task of checking and expanding the entries for all extant Dutch medieval monuments, but the present database is already an impressive result. And there is scope for yet more work, as there is a wealth of information in antiquarian texts and drawings waiting to be researched and added. The MeMO database can be found at Users are invited to submit comments, corrections and additions to in order to help improve the database.  
Maritime Memorials
This is a web site produced by the National Maritime Museum of the UK and is a record of over 5000 church, cemetery and public memorials to seafarers and victims of maritime disasters. It includes works by famous sculptors
  Memorial Inscriptions Inscribed
  Memento Mori
Dane Munro's site with details of monuments to the members of the Order of St john of Jerusalem
The National Archive of Monumental Inscriptions
Hardly national yet but information from 524 burial grounds in Norfolk and some of Bedfordshire. The material which can be downloaded includes description of memorial, transcript of inscription, photograph of the church and - most interestingly - plan of burial ground. This is not free however and costs between £4 and £7 per record.  The 'free trial' is strictly limited!
Norfolk Churches Website
As the Suffolk Churches site (below) but dedicated to Norfolk Churches
Norwich Historic Churches Trust the website gives details of all 36 Norwich Medieval Churches including architecture, history and monuments. It lists, with photographs, all carved wall monuments with information about the main characters commemorated.
Poets' Graves
This site provides photographs of the graves of poets, the churches where they are buried, a portrait of the poet with links about their writings etc. There is a plan of where these graves are situated.
  Portsmouth Memorials  Primarily about memorials in Portmouth, with particular interest in those to the armed forces.
Scottish Graveyards  
Aimed at professionals and enthusiasts alike, this website offers free downloads on a range of graveyard related subjects from management and conservation, to recording and researching a graveyards history.  Links to over 100 useful contacts.  Monthly updates on news, events and publications.
Suffolk Churches Website
Simon Knott's alternative guide to Suffolk Churches which will eventually include the lot! Lots of lots of pictures of monuments. 
  Tombstones & Monumental Inscriptions
Wakefield based Guy Etchell's page which provides a truly vast amount of links to churches and churchyards. Many interesting photographs.
Tudor Effigy Database A pilot research by a member of the Church Monuments Society available free to anyone interested in 16th century dress.
Wiltshire Churches Duncan and Mandy Ball's site on churches but contains photographs of monuments under the heading 'memorials' for each church.
Worcestershire Churches and Churchyards Sally Lloyd's site with photographs of Worcestershire and surrounding counties.
World Heritage Alert
An online magazine that specialises in highlighting threats to the world's heritage places, particularly focusing on human cultural heritage.
Ex Videntem
Cameron Newham's superb collection of church photographs - including many of church monuments.
Grave Matters
Jill Muir's detailed and interesting site on transcribing monumental inscriptions
  European Policy network for historic places of worship
An organisation to raise the profile and protect Europe's historic places of worship.
  Mapping the Practice & Profession of Sculpture in Britain and Ireland 1851 - 1951
This is a new source for studying sculpture which may be accessed by clicking on the link above.

The 1805 Group Click on the title for some information about Georgian monuments to naval heroes.

Stained Glass in Wales A recent project has produced this on line catalogue of stained glass from the 14th century to the present day; there are 5000 photographs illustrating this work.
Re-Reading the British Memorial A project based at the University of Southampton using a variety of techniques for recording, interpreting and sharing data on church memorials in the UK
Representing/Re-formation A multi-disciplinary approach to the study and recreation of Tudor monuments
  War Memorials On Line
 A new War Memorials website has been launched. As well as expert information, it allows users to upload their own material.
  Effigies and Brasses
This is a collection of drawings, prints and photographs of effigies and brasses from all over Europe, mainly from the 14th century. Some of the illustrations - such as those from Stothard and Hollis - will be familiar but it's good to see them in a extensive collection, over 6000 images.

University Departments, Museums & Similar Entities
The Cosmati Pavement A very sophisticated website about  the famous Cosmatic Pavement, described as a masterpiece of the Middle Ages.
Centre for Death & Society (University of Bath) is the UK's only centre devoted to the study and research of social aspects of death, dying and bereavement. Established in September 2005, CDAS is an interdisciplinary centre of regional, national and international importance. Visit their web site for details of events, conferences, courses, news etc.
London Stained Glass Repository
Stained glass windows sometimes act as memorials. Between 1969 and 1982 alone almost 1000 Anglican churches were declared redundant and much of the stained glass broken up into small panels for sale or even destroyed. In 1982 the London Stained Glass Repository was established as a charitable trust to rescue good quality glass and find a new home for it.
   Art & Architecture Website from the Courtauld Institute
Monument Records 
being a list - provided by member Barbara Tomlinson of the National Maritime Museum - of organisations which hold records of church monuments. 
   National Monuments Records Centre,
Great Western Village, Kemble Drive , Swindon SN2 2GZ
Tel: 01793 414600; Fax: 01793 414606 
   Commonwealth War Graves Commission,
2 Marlow Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 7DX
Tel: 01628 634221; Fax: 01628 771208 
   Society of Genealogists,
14 Charterhouse Buildings, Goswell Road, London EC1M 7BA
Tel: 020 7251 8799
NADFAS House, 8 Guilford Street, London WC1N 1DT
Tel: 020 7430 0730; Fax: 020 7242 0686
   Archaeology Data Service
Interesting information about stone etc
   National Art Library
Victorian & Albert Museum, South Kensington, London SW7 2RL
   Westminster Abbey Library,
The Chapter Office, 20 Dean's Yard, Westminster Abbey, London SW1P 3PA
Tel: 020 7222 5152; Fax: 020 7233 2070  E-mail
   The Ledgerstone Survey of England and Wales
This project now has its own webste which may be visited by clicking on the above title
Photographs of Church Monuments 
   Church Monuments Photographs Hundreds of photographs of monuments taken by several people, including Society members.  Despite the title of Monuments Today, it is not about contemporary monuments but includes those from all times. Well worth a visit.  Also, the following site, although concerned with church furnishing, also contains photographs of monuments:
Church Furnishing Photographs
   More specialised group photographs:
Funerary Symbolism - Photographs
Church Monuments Materials
Portraits on Church Monuments
Statua Loricatus   Photographs of church monuments and sculpture from Europe, especially Belgium and mainly military
   St Lawrence, Towcester, Northamptonshire This takes you to the home page of a site about the church.

 St Andrew's, Hove, Sussex This is the history section of pages about the church
   Wikipedia The on-line encyclopedia. This is the main page about church monuments with links to other pages and sites (including this one)
   Royal Berkshire History Part of David Nash Ford's site on Berkshire history. This links to the church index page with lots of internal links to follow.

 All Saints, Nocton, Lincolnshire The monuments page of the church site.
Symbolism on Gravestones
  Here are two links about symbolism on gravestones with the relevant photographs: