This section lists events - meetings, lectures, visits etc - by societies other than the Church Monuments Society whose field of interest may be relevant to the Church Monuments Society. Please e-mail the Society if you have an event which you would like to be included. Please note we do not accept commercial organisations.

Information from the Ecclesiological Society

The Ecclesiologial Society's annual conference is on Saturday 5th October and is on the subject of Graveyards. Visit their website below for full details.

For further information and details of other events visit the Ecclesiological Society's website: www.ecclsoc.org

CAST IRON MEMORIALS Has anyone done a study of cast iron memorials? We recently received an enquiry about these, and were unable to be of much help. Contact Trevor Cooper in the first instance at cooper@ecclsoc.org
Public Lectures - Society of Antiquaries

Lectures to the Society of Antiquaries are now filmed and available on the internet. This includes two lectures by CMS members:
Sophie Oosterwijk, FSA, 'Reading Medieval Child Monuments', 5 March 2013.
Sally Badham, FSA, 'Seeking Salvation: Commemorating the Dead in the Late Medieval English Parish', 28 February 2013.
To watch them go to http://www.sal.org.uk/newsandevents/Lecture%20Archive/

Medieval Memoria Research Newsletter
We are proud to present the new issue of the newsletter '' (MMR)! This issue features, among other things, several book reviews, a call for papers, and an update on the status of the MeMO project, which has launched a crowdfunding campaign. This campaign is intended to allow MeMO to continue its activities after the now completed first phase of the project, which produced a large database and other websites on memoria. In return for your donation, MeMO offers special activities, i.e. Do ut des (http://memo.hum.uu.nl/database/pages/crowdfunding.html).  
You may download the newsletter from our website at the following address: http://mmr.let.uu.nl/index.html 
Alternatively, if you wish to go directly to the pdf-version, please use: http://mmr.let.uu.nl/pdf/MMR_012.pdf 
Henry V's Funerary Achievements
As this is the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, a conference is being held at Westminster Abbey - the King's final resting place - on October 28th 2015. It will bring together experts in the field of armour, architecture and conservation to discuss the significance of Henry's funerary achievements - his shield, saddle, sword and helm - which were carried at his funeral.
Full details may be found here:
The de Brus Project

The 'de Brus Project' of Guisborough are planning a symposium to be held on March 5th 2016 in Prior Pursglove Colledge, Guisborough. Talks and question and answer sessions are planned and local authors and history specialist will be included; these include author and broadcaster Alan Young, whose books include 'In the Footsteps of Robert Bruce', Ruth Blakely, author of 'The Brus Family in England and Scotland 110-1295', Ian McClumpha, chair of the Robert the Bruce Commemoration Trust, Marie Prior of York Museum, and Brian Sandford of the Parish Church of Guisborough. Each will give a different aspect of the Brus story.

Sir Kenneth Calman of the National Trust of Scotland will chair the event.  Displays and discussion points will be provided by the Prior Pursglove College Museum and Archive, together with the study of the Skelton Castle site and situation by local historian Peter Appleton. A detailed study of the De Seatons of Staithes by Jean Eccleston will be available. Other organisations have also promised to give their support.

Visits to the de Brus Cenotaph and Gisborough Priory will be included in the day.

While there is still much planning to be done, we hope that we can offer you a memorable day. Further details, together with the sale of tickets, will be available towards the end of this year. We hope you will be interested in this event and maybe put the date in your diary for reference.
Thank you for your time and look forward to your being present.

You may follow events on our Website: www.debrustrail.org.uk