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The Society is a registered charity. No.279597 Registered Office: The Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London. W1V 0HS Copyright (c) 2016 CMS. All rights reserved.


Please sent this form with your cheque for the correct amount (payable to the ‘Church Monuments Society’) to:

Mrs Sue Kelland,

Rose Cottage,




BA16 9SF



Click here for an order form and prices

Please note: Volume 25 of the Journals is sold out and also the Index 1-10.

Information on how to pay by Paypal:

To pay by Paypal:

1. Log onto http://www/ (or the equivalent country from which you are paying)

2. Set up your own PayPal account if you have not already done so.

3. Click on tab 'Send Funds'

4. In the 'to' box for recipient type Mr Thompson is the CMS Hon Treasurer.)

5. In the 'Amount' box type '20 GDP' for Ordinary Membership or '15 GDP' for Student Membership.

6. In the 'Purchase' box click on 'Services'.

7. Click on 'Continue'

8. At the bottom of the next page in the message box type 'To pay CMS subscription for [your name] for the year [2015/16]

9. Click on 'Send money'.

10. You will get a confirmatory e-mail to prove your payment.

* * *