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The Society is a registered charity. No.279597 Registered Office: The Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London. W1V 0HS Copyright (c) 2016 CMS. All rights reserved.

The Church Monuments Society offers three prizes:

Guide book                          Essay                          Photography

Church Monuments Society Photography Competition

This year the Church Monuments Society is running a photography competition.
Entries are already coming in, and the closing date is 31 December 2017. Get snappy!

Entries should be sent to the President, Dr J L Wilson, Wholeway Cottage,114, Eversden Road, Harlton, Cambridge CB23 1ET.

Please include your name, age group, & subject of photograph, on a separate piece of paper.

 There will be three classes:
 Over 18, prize £150
 13-18, prize £100
 Under 13, prize £50

 The subject is any funerary monument inside a church or located in  a churchyard or a consecrated burial ground (eg Bunhill Fields), commemorating a person or persons. War memorials or subjects from  cemeteries, whether private or municipal, are not eligible.

 Either an accurate representation or an artistic representation  will be acceptable, but there should be no Photoshopping EXCEPT  level and colour balance, and local contrast adjustments plus minor  tweaking. Any effects are to be done in-camera.

 Entries must be unmounted matt prints, size 8x10". Both colour and  b&w are acceptable.

 Prints will not be returned after the event.

 It is hoped that a selection of the entries will be displayed at  the 2018 AGM.

* * *


The winner of this year's Church Guide Book competition is Warkton in Northamptonshire. The cheque and certificate was  presented as part of their Arts Festival, centered around the church, on the afternoon of Saturday 17th June at 2.00pm. The glory of the church is the stunning series of monuments to the Montagu family. These have recently been restored in a project led by the Prince's Regeneration Trust. Two of the monuments are by the sculptor Louis Francois Roubiliac, and as part of the event, our Membership Secretary, Dr Clive Easter FSA, gave a talk on Roubiliac. The photograph shows Dr Easter presenting the cheque and certificate to the Churchwarden, Edward Lamb.

* * *


In 2006 the Council of the Church Monuments Society launched a biennial prize of £250 called the Church Monuments Essay Prize, to be awarded with a certificate for the best essay submitted in the relevant year. The aim of the competition is to stimulate more people, particularly those who are perhaps aiming to write on church monuments for the first time or who are not regular contributors, to submit material for the CMS journal Church Monuments. The competition is therefore open only to those who have not previously published an article in Church Monuments.  

The Church Monuments Society Essay Prize for 2016 was won by Trudi Brink: the runners-up were Christiane Mueller-Hazenbos, Joanna Wolanska and Moira Ackers. Congratulations to all of them.

* * *